Change is not a big deal

Change in personality. Change in behavior,usually hurts. Basically for every individual change is a part of personality development. You change, you develop. Some changes give you positive vibes, some let you down. Character upliftment is basically bringing change in your behavior,learning from your past mistakes and awe not to repeat in future. You learn and you change. I would love to share my views on change is not a big deal in few lines below. I just believe for a person to change is as difficult as a person who finds and accept the change of other person.

I change, I admit.

I change for a cause.

I flip, I destroy, I change.

I change to uplift my character.

I promised to be true to someone.

But unfortunate, my destiny

plays around.

I accept, my promise failed

I accept, my promise went all in vein.

But I just say, I change, for a cause.

For every change I bring in me, believe it or not, there is an untold story behind.

I fail to discuss it to you,

I fail, just for a cause.

I fight with my emotions,

to be stone hearted just as a moron.

I am still the same, but to the world I struggle to portray, I change and hardly I care.

It is true by words, someone said

Your change effects you the most.

I changed, for a cause,but the world say me selfish. I don’t blame because they are unaware of the cause.

I feel helpless at times, I need a shoulder to cry, but people out say I cry, I fake, I am not the man of my words.

It is very easy to comment “change is not a big deal”. But when you have to bring in actions you struggle.

” if a person boy/girl change towards you just think what is the reason they are not the same, rather fight and blame them for their change” . I swear you will realize your mistakes.


Relationship goals

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Love :

Love is a feel which is between two promising souls. Since childhood we listen many famous love stories like Romeo Juliet , veer Zara. Love at older times were real and exciting.

“Generation today has literally changed the meaning of love.”

I won’t blame boys only, even girls today think love is just a time pass. I don’t say all are same. I am speaking of those who do things and find it cool to play with somebody emotions.

I just want to say if you can not take the responsibility or courage to be in a relationship then don’t commit. Don’t do fake promises, it may take some one life. Your action may spoil somebody life.

I want to share a small poem I hope by reading this not all but one of you change and think before hurting any one emotion.


I denied many a times,

I have reasons to stay away.

You said just trust me,

I won’t let you down.

I kept ignoring, you kept on trying.

Someday I thought,may be i am wrong.

May be you are the only one.

I paused and decided to say yes.

I was convinced by your words,

I followed my heart .

We started of well,

you and I made the best pair.

But situations change,

I found you irritated, irritated by my existence.

It hurted but I never complain. Sleepless were nights, but hardly you care.

I found your existence no where,

I cried at nights.

You promised me to treat as a princess but you fail.

You didn’t even remember my birthday, though I called that day, I got the same irritated tone. I didn’t complain still I tried to rebuilt our relationship.

Every time I see back my memories, I cry what is that I fail to give. I didn’t knock your door, it was you who approached.

I tried, in all ways to bring back the spark but with out your support, how could I?

You gave the commitment of being together but you fail.

You fail to stand by your own words.

You spoke harsh, you behave as a stranger. You left me all alone. But still I wish you to be successful in life. Still you are the one in my prayer.

You someday hope so realize, I gave my heart truly, you fail to receive my love.

“Don’t commit when you fail to stand by your words. Guys your actions are leading many to suicide, depression. Just don’t play with somebody emotions. Think before you do so.”

Parenting or child rearing.

Child rearing is the step to promote or support the physical, emotional, social, intellectual and personality forge of a child. While talking about child rearing, i remember the famous line by a Irish writer Mr Oscar Wilde.

He said “The best way to make children good is to make them happy “. Sir Oscar Wilde has no children. But I was impressed by the quote he quoted.

Myself as a child feel our parents should be our first preference. According to parents discipline is must but it should never be overriding force in child’s life. Child should consider there parents as a friend. It’s parents responsibility to bring children to a comfort zone that they don’t need to hide things to them. In general we see children are scared of their parents. Excess of strict nature towards a child, misleads him / her. It’s parents responsibility to go and understand the situation and deal with it softly. I would like to share a small poem on parenting.

Lack of parenting:

When I was just six months born, my only friend was you Mum.

You and I had a unbreakable bond. You enjoyed every single moment of my company.

Dad was late to home but he did not forget to bring me chocolates. Though he was tired still at night if I cry he cuddles and sing song for me.

I am the same child dad and mum. It’s just your preference changed now.

It’s just I m big enough to handle my situation does not mean I don’t need love dad and mum.

I feel jealous and insecure when I see other parents pampering and discussing their issues just as a friend.

I too want the same child rearing. I know you both are busy so much in you that you did not notice I need u both at times.

I feel the happiest place is your lap and my head lying on it. But years passed you did so.

You gave me everything before I ask, but let me remind you, you fail, you fail to love me.

I ask a simple question to you why you both can’t be my solution. I try to search a friend in you but there also you fail.

I try to be honest to you but I can’t because I m scared, I m scared of your anger.

This is not what a perfect family is, I love you both but fail to express. Try to understand my situation and support me.

I miss the first friends of mine who loved me with pure heart. Laugh at my silly deeds, aware me about the beauty in world.

Every child love their parents it’s just sometimes parents fail to understand. Love your children. Be a children and enjoy life is what I feel.


“I’m definitely on the spectrum of

Socially awkward”

– MayimBialik

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Remember, the first day of college?

Nobody forget, mind is clouded with thoughts.

Thoughts of anxiety, fear, awkwardness.

As you enter college,  you behave weird.

You carry fake smile, thinking people may judge if you are serious.

You behave over friendly just to make a impression.

Out of gawky feel inside, you potray something you are not.

You are fighting inside with your inept thoughts, you find a senior moving to you and start ragging.

How pissed of you feel I know, I also have been  through this. But best way to handle situations is cool your mind and let things easy go..

“Self-control  is equipment to fight from awkwardness” .  You only have to overcome your awkwardness and build confidence.






Why comment black?

Oh moron! Can you feel the pain?

For you matter looks, not the soul.

You are nothing, a bloody creep on earth.

Skin which we carry is mud, real beauty lies beneath.

“Soul, needs to be white not the skin”.

Just a word spell black, breaks confidence, lead depression, kill life.

It’s nature creation, some black, some white.

Who are you and I too comment black?

Stop discrimination, all are made of same blood and vein.